Home Maintenance

CleanScape handyman and skilled workers are jack-of-all-trades for home repairs and maintenance. They tackle various tasks like fixing plumbing issues, repairing appliances, or handling minor carpentry. 
We have created a list of certain things that our skilled workers can tackle, but this doesn't extend to what they can do, after all everyone’s home is different. So here are some key things that we do to take care of your home:
  • We repair your roof for any damage sustained over winter and moss growth.
  • We can change doors and door frames 
  • We fix extractor Fans or replace them
  • We can fix electric heater or replace them
  • We can install Window safety and locks 
  • Fit bird cages to any chimney pots so that birds can’t nest in them.
  • We clean guttering and drainage holes. Get up on a ladder and scoop out leaves, moss and anything else that’s hiding there. This is important so gutters can effectively take water away from your house and not sit against walls potentially causing damp and damage.
  • We clean air bricks to make sure they are clean and clear. 
  • We clean windows inside and out, because as the sun starts to show so will the state of your windows. Check window frames for damage or rot. 
  • We paint your exterior walls and fences and patch up flaking areas. 
  • We can shift your sofas and other furniture. Clean underneath and behind them. Check walls for signs of damp.
  • We clean your garden furniture.
  • We clean patios and jetwash decking 
  • We repair and paint external woodwork including fencing, fascias, window frames and doors.
  • We prune any large trees or shrubs that are close to your home in order to reduce their water consumption which can contribute to subsidence.
  • We trim any climbing plants and don’t let them grow across windows or guttering.
  • We can sweep your chimney.
  • We Bleed radiators so they work effectively in heating your home.
  • We clean and store away your garden furniture.
  • We clear your gutters and drainage holes. At the same time make sure all pipes are securely fixed to walls.
  • We clear leaves and debris that has gathered around your external walls to prevent any risk of damp.
  • We can insulate any external pipes or taps to prevent them freezing and bursting over winter
  • We repair fences and cut back trees
  • We clean leaves and debris from the garden and trim trees to avoid loose or dead branches coming down in strong winds.
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