We offer a complex service which includes moving, transport and cleaning of buildings and city spaces. We make sure to conform to all the standards and we try to fulfill all of our duties as well as possible. Our service are always efficient and on time. All of the packages and boxes we transport are properly secured, so nothing gets damaged during moving. We guarantee the highest quality of service for a fair price. We have a lot of experience in this trade, thus we are able to understand our customers and their needs to prepare the best offer. With our help moving is not a problem, but a pleasure!


Our clearance team, specialise in removing unwanted items, debris, or waste from a given space. We offer professional services to clear out and dispose of various materials, whether it's from residential properties, commercial buildings, construction sites, or other locations. We typically handle tasks such as house clearance, office clearance, garden clearance, and rubbish removal. We can help with decluttering, organising, and getting rid of unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics, household waste, construction debris, or any other items that need to be disposed of properly. We have trained workers and appropriate equipment to safely and efficiently carry out the clearance tasks. We sort, recycle, donate, or responsibly dispose of the collected materials, depending on local regulations and the condition of the items. Engaging with CleanScape saves your efforts, and stress by letting us take care of the entire clearance process, ensuring the space is left clean and ready for its intended use.

House Maintenance

CleanScape’s handymen are professionals who can perform a variety of maintenance, repair, and installation tasks in residential or commercial settings. Skilled in handling general household or property-related issues that do not typically require specialised expertise. Some common tasks that our handy men may handle include fixing basic plumbing, laying, changing and removing flooring, repairing appliances, painting and decorating, installing fixtures, assembling furniture, and installing security system. Our versatile professionals continue to help with various odd jobs to keep homes and properties in great condition.


Our professional cleaners offer cleaning services to individuals, businesses, or organizations. Their main objective is to ensure that spaces are clean, tidy, and free from dirt, dust, and germs. The specific tasks performed by professional cleaners may vary depending on the setting and client's needs, but they typically include:

1. General cleaning: This involves dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors, surfaces, and furniture to remove dirt and debris.

2. Sanitising and Disinfecting: Our cleaners often use appropriate cleaning agents and techniques to disinfect and sanitise areas, especially high-touch surfaces, to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of germs and infections.

3. Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning: We clean and sanitise toilets, sinks, showers, countertops, and other fixtures, ensuring they are free from stains, grime, and bacteria.

4. Window and Glass Cleaning: Professional cleaners may clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces using specialised techniques and tools to achieve streak-free and spotless results.

5. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: Our cleaners may use steam cleaning or other methods to remove stains, oduors, and allergens from carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

6. Specialised Cleaning Tasks: Depending on the client's requirements, our cleaners may perform specific tasks such as deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning, or specialized cleaning for healthcare facilities.

Overall, our cleaners strive to create and maintain clean, healthy, and visually appealing environments by employing their expertise and using appropriate cleaning methods and equipment.